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Task Forces

​​​​AASHTO Audit Subcommittee Task Forces


Peer Review Task Force - Follow this link to the Peer Review Task Force page

Peer Review


The purpose of the Peer Review Program is to develop and maintain objective and independent peer reviews that will enable highway and transportation audit groups to improve the quality of their organizations and the audits they perform and determine whether:

I.    The group’s internal quality control system is in place and operating effectively; and
II.   Established policies and procedures and applicable auditing standards are being followed in its audit work.

Panel is comprised of five persons, plus the Past Chair in an advisory capacity.



Phillip Henry, DE (Chair)
Benito Ybarra, TX
Alan Pinkerton, AR
Pam Fredrick, WY
Mel Marcella, TN

Sub Taskforce - Update Spreadsheets With New Standards


Brenda Berkley, MD

Dave Campbell Quality Award (DCQA)


The Dave Campbell Quality Award (DCQA) is presented by the AASHTO Administrative Subcommittee on Internal and External Audit in recognition of significant contributions to the State DOT community.  Recipients shall be members of the State DOT Audit community (public sector) and may be either an individual or a group. Significant contributions may be based on either a specific project or an overall body of work encompassing multiple years or even an entire career.



Darrin Player, SC, Subcommittee officer representative (Secretary position)

Daryl Splichal, ND

Uniform Audit and Accounting Guide


The goal of the task force is to assure this guide is current and relevant.

The purpose of the audit guide is to provide a tool that can be used by individual state auditors, consulting firms, and public accounting firms that perform audits of consulting firms. The primary focus of the guide is auditing and reporting on the indirect costs and resultant overhead rates of consultants who perform engineering and engineering-related work for State Highway Agencies.


This guide is not intended to be an auditing procedures manual but rather a guide that will assist individuals in understanding terminology, policies, audit techniques, and sources for regulations and specific procedures.

Gerry Dobek, CT (Co-Chair)
John Whiteside, AL (Co-Chair)
Jeff Hornsby, AL
Scott Olson, AZ
Linda Laubinger, CA
Laurine Bohamera, CA
Nancy Shaul, CA
George Currie, CO
Jim Ballard, CO
Trent Josten, CO
Kathryn Valentine, DC
Jeffrey Owens, FL
Josh Nix, GA
William Jones, GA
Carri Rosti, ID
Mike Cram, ID
David Brewer, IN
Mark Ratliff, IN
William Farley, IN
Jeff Heck, IL
Matt Swanson, IA
Lori Mann, KY
Mike Coffey, KY
Helen Eagen, ME
​Andrew Carinale, MA
Dan Kahnke, MN
Randy Stallkamp, MN
Vickie Murphy, MT
Timothy Baker, NE
Lonetta Raynor, NC
Landon Perry, NC
Dorene Creech, NC
Scott Gormley, OH
Margaret Cole, OR
Andrea Butola, RI
Audrey Dambruoso, RI
Darrin Player, SC
Jimmy Holfeltz, UT
Brad Gales, VA
Schatzie Harvey, WA
Jery Siverston, WA
Randy Knoche, WI
Kristen Burkhart, WY
Jenet Adem, AASHTO
Johnathan Kwak, AASHTO
Dan Parker, FHWA
Karen Holmes, FHWA
Kirk Boyer, FHWA
John McAvoy, FHWA

Internal Audit Guide


The goal of this task force is to keep this guide current and relevant. The purpose of this audit guide is to provide a tool that can be used by individual State internal auditors and public accounting firms that perform audits of transportation programs.



Stephen Kirk, IL (Chair)
Becky Greenway, GA
Kristen Burkhart, WY
Jack Cotter, MI
Daryl Splichal, ND
Craig Otto, TX
Dan Parker, FHWA​​
Chris Curran, MT
Kathryn Valentine, D.C.​

AASHTO-ACEC Liaison Committee on Audit


The goal of the AASHTO-ACEC Liaison Committee on Audit is to establish and maintain a mutual understanding and communication of the cost accounting principles and auditing procedures related to consultant engineering services on transportation projects, among the member agencies and firms. This committee meets annually at the Internal/External Audit Subcommittee Meeting. All state members are invited to attend and share opinions and concerns and issues alongside the ACEC representatives.



Dan Kahnke, MN (Subcommittee Chair)
Marlene Hartinger, OR (Subcommittee Vice Chair)
Darrin Player, SC (Subcommittee Secretary)
Gerry Dobek, CT (Uniform Audit and Accounting Guide Co-Chair)
John Whiteside, AL (Uniform Audit and Accounting Guide Co-Chair)
Jim Barton, Kleinfelder
Dan Purvine, A/E Clarity

Jenet Adem, AASHTO
Dan Parker, FHWA​

AASHTO Data Analytics/Innovative Auditing Task Force​

The goal of this task force is to explore new ideas, processes and technology. The purpose of this task force is to provide mroe efficient and effective ways to audit, therefore saving both audit time and money when performing audits of transportation programs.

  1. Develop a sharing system
  2. Share audit programs with States
  3. Research new technologies
  4. Research new processes

Lisamarie Stroschein, MN (Chair)
Mel Marcella, TN
Jacks Cotter, MI​
Kristen Alexander, TX
Lea Ann Hart-Chambers, OR
Matt Swason, IA
Melissa Stewart, MN
Scott Drollinger, ID
Josh Pasch, MD
John White, IL
Bob Janes, AK
Josh Nix, GE
Vicky Murphy, MT