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Peer Review Portal

Peer Review Portal

To gain access to the Peer Review Portal

  1. If you are not already registered with AASHTO, you will need to click on the link “Register” (under “Member Sign In”) and submit your name and e-mail address with our system.
  2. Once that is complete (or if you have previously registered with AASHTO, say to use the AASHTO Bookstore or another portal site), you will need to request access to this particular Audit portal. (We are requiring that people request access to be allowed to use the portal because of the sensitive nature of the documents stored there. We do NOT automatically grant access to anyone who asks for it for that very reason.
  3. AASHTO will receive the access request, and will usually grant it, if appropriate, within 24 hours.
  4. When you have received the confirmation e-mail of your access, you can then return to this page and log in using the credentials you established when you registered with AASHTO.
  5. Once in, you may begin exploring the portal and using its features.